Hedi is a self-taught artist who took part in the # 4 transit residency program in Selasar this year. He is a painter in the village of Jelekong, South Bandung. This place since the 1960s has been known as a village of suvernir paintings that produce landscape paintings of the Indies style. In his collaboration with Sunaryo on a wide canvas, Hedi continued what he obtained during his residency at Selasar. He displays abstraction through small gestures that resemble script without meaning or scribbled writing. a young curator from Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Chabib Duta Hapsoro, used Hedi’s visual language as “gumam” (eng. mumbling). Hedi caught the attention of Sunaryo’s because of his artistic talents and desire to expand his horizons as an artist. The meeting between champion artists and new talents shows the universality of the abstraction language of the two who can merge with each other in a work.