Sunaryo Sutono (b. Banyumas, Indonesia, 1943) studied at ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) and then in Italy. Although he studied sculpture, and in turn taught it at ITB, he has never restricted himself to a particular art discipline. He works across a variety of media: painting, sculpture, printmaking, installation, as well as urban monuments and several murals in public spaces in Indonesia. Abstract or figurative, his work has always been known for its formal strength and inventiveness, but his work has also always been about social, environmental and spiritual issues, and goals.
At seventy-two Sunaryo has long been the most prominent sculptor in Indonesia. Close to the museum Selasar Sunaryo which he designed and has funded, and where many of the younger generation of Indonesian artists have exhibited, he has made Wot Batu – the culmination of his fifty years of creativity. Working with many different kinds of stone and metals, he has blended them with natural features – water, trees, wind – and the vista of Bandung city below.