Museum Potret Dokter Rudolfo

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space
Jl Bukit Pakar Timur No.100, CIburial, Bandung
15 May - 30 June 2019

In his death, Rudolfo Eduardo once vowed to serve anyone who could send him back to mortal nature: “I will make it for him, a monument that he will never forget. Everyone in the world will know him as the savior of the future. ”

Swaying between life and death, Rudolfo repeated the pledge.

One morning, when he was about to go fishing, Zonariu Balthazar discovered Rudolfo’s almost frozen body lying on the edge of the river. Feeling familiar with the man’s figure, Zonariu decided to take Rudolfo home. Patiently and diligently, he took care of Rudolfo at his clinic, gave him therapy and medicine which he developed himself. Days changed weeks, changing months, changing years. Until one afternoon, Rudolfo could open his eyes, and regain his consciousness.

“Whoever you are, sir, accept my infinite thanks,” Rudolfo said, kneeling before his helper. Zonariu just smiled. His eyes filled with tears, full of emotion. “You can stay here in this clinic, for the rest, if you want.”

This was the beginning of Rudolfo Eduardo’s meeting with doctor Zonariu Balthazar. During his stay in the clinic, besides doing routine work such as cleaning the practice room, washing clothes, cooking and caring for medicinal plants, Rudolfo also helped Zonariu prepare medicine and handle patients. He was more respectful of Zonariu, especially when the doctor allowed him to study the secret books of medicine. On the other hand, Zonariu was often amazed by Eduardo’s skills and intelligence in absorbing the knowledge he taught. Rudolfo can actually give him precise suggestions for dealing with patients suffering from mysterious diseases.

Along with the friendship that has been tightened between Rudolfo and Zonariu, the reputation of clinic doctor Balthazar is increasingly rising. The patient waiting room is always filled with dozens of people waiting in line every day. Occasionally Rudolfo became a ‘surrogate doctor’, especially when Zonariu took time off and wanted to enjoy his hobby of fishing. The patients never objected to being handled by Rudolfo, who was increasingly fluent in giving therapy and writing recipes. Rudolfo did all the work in the clinic sincerely, as he responded to the savior Zonariu.

One night, Rudolfo awoke from sleep by a thunderous thunder. Heavy raindrops hit the wind, tapping the windows of his room. Like a fire siren, the atmosphere suddenly reminded him of the pledge in suspicion. Right away, Rudolfo got up from the crowd, hurried to the clinic, and began working for a long, big surprise he wanted to offer for the teacher’s birthday on May 15 …


Curatorial by

Agung Hujatnikajennong